Hack Brief: 412M Reports Breached on FriendFinder Sex Internet Sites

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Any sizable breach of painful and sensitive information like usernames and passwords represents a privacy disaster. But once those credentials link breach victims to sex sites, the results exceed the possibility of a credit that is hacked or Twitter account and to the world of humiliation and blackmail.

The Hack

A repository of breached data, revealed that hackers had compromised the online hookup and dating firm FriendFinder and stolen 412 million users’ information, including usernames, passwords, and email addresses on Sunday, the website Leaked source. The info includes significantly more than 339 million accounts on—which advertises itself due to the fact “the world’s sex that is largest & swinger community”—as well as tens of millions records from and Though Leaked supply reports that a few of the leaked passwords had been cryptographically hashed to safeguard them, other people were kept unencrypted, and also the protected people had been easily cracked in pretty much all instances. “Neither technique is considered protected by any stretch associated with the imagination, ” released supply writes.

In a contact to WIRED, a representative for Leaked supply says it received the information from an “underground source whom desires to keep anonymous, ” but so it checked a few of hacked credentials for a couple of AdultFriendFinder accounts against past leakages of information from the hacked password supervisor to confirm which they had been genuine. ZDNet also obtained a percentage regarding the information and confirmed its authenticity by contacting affected users. Read More | Phone: (206) 486-0887
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