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    Why your talent management strategy should be about prioritized treatment of individuals.
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    How you can win the war with prioritized treatment.
  • (video) 
    Why it’s impossible to pay-for-performance when you give increases to everyone.
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    How brilliant is LinkedIN? Access to the passive job seeker.
  • Making sure (compensation) dollars have big bottom-line impact is critical 
  • We can show that attracting and retaining top performers is the differentiator between good and great companies.
  • “Companies that communicate effectively about pay perform better”
  • As the economy recovers and businesses performance improves, there is an elevated risk to an organization from a talent management perspective, namely, retention.
  • Your CEO wants you to “read my mind” and other advice from CEO’s for HR.
  • Too many companies adopt the peanut butter approach of giving increases, trying to spread the money evenly to everyone.
  • Understanding the purpose of severance pay and what (if anything) can be negotiated.


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